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Trump-DeSantis rivalry heats up

President Trump Wednesday slammed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis with two of the worst epithet in the Republicans language packed into one phrase.

According to Fox News:

Former President Donald Trump fired a new shot at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Wednesday.

Trump, the only major Republican to date to launch a 2024 Republican presidential campaign, taking aim at DeSantis — who if he jumps into the White House race later this year would instantly become Trump’s most formidable rival — with a new accusation on social media.

“The real Ron is a RINO GLOBALIST, who closed quickly down Florida and even its beaches. Loved the Vaccines and wasted big money on ‘Testing.’ How quickly people forget!,” Trump claimed in a post on his Truth Social site.

And the latest string of verbal punches from Trump directed at the Florida governor may be followed by attack ads from a well-financed super PAC that’s aligned with the former president.

6 thoughts on “Trump-DeSantis rivalry heats up”

  1. DeSantis is SO well admired in Florida and most other areas of traditional America.
    When Trump bashed McConnell or even McCarthy, we see the relevance, the substance. But attacking the Florida governor smacks of personal grievance and unfortunately, it makes DJT look petty, weak and childish.
    Not exactly the characteristics we envision in our leader.


  2. I just hope Trump doesn’t run. He is unelectable, and even if he, by some miracle, wins, it will be years of constant venom and legal bullshit.

    If only Trump would lead instead of attacking….

  3. I agree with all of the above comments, smart and sane.
    Looking ahead we see a candidate pool that includes:
    And some guy named Don.
    Remove the last one, a pretty good list I think.
    Last thought: You know how you look at Fetterman and think how the fudge did that guy get elected? The Left thinks the same of DJT. And whether you agree or not, that alone is reason for no one to get behind Trump in 2024.

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