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Why JD Vance backs Trump: He kept us out of war

As President Biden, the US national security apparatus and its backers in the Washington establishment embed the United States deeper and deeper into the war between Russia and Ukraine, Sen. JD Vance says he is backing Donald Trump because it’s the kind of policy he would oppose.

Vance writes in the Wall Street Journal:

Bipartisan foreign policy consensus has led the country astray many times. Leadership in both parties supported the invasion of Iraq, the decadeslong nation-building project in Afghanistan, regime change in Libya and guerrilla war in Syria. All of these policies cost a lot of money and killed many. None of those conflicts has served the nation’s long-term interest. Very few were ever challenged by a leader of national significance.

That is, of course, until Donald Trump came along. American partisans view Mr. Trump’s record primarily through a domestic lens. To my fellow Republicans, Mr. Trump lowered taxes and worked hard to deregulate the federal bureaucracy. To Democrats, Mr. Trump was a corrupt narcissist who earned his two impeachments. Yet neither party acknowledges perhaps the most important part of Mr. Trump’s legacy: his successful foreign policy.

1 thought on “Why JD Vance backs Trump: He kept us out of war”

  1. I read JD Vance’s book, fascinating story of his youth in Appalachia. He could have been an heir to Sgt York, for those who recall that story.

    Trump will work a relationship when it benefits him ( America) and steer clear of risky endeavors that show no appreciable return.

    Biden, on the other hand, has been on the wrong side of history every single time. He is a testament to Success Without Accomplishment. It makes me shake my head in wonderment.

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