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Obama’s office won’t say if he’s looking for classified documents

There’s a big problem with looking. They might find some.

According to Fox News:

Former President Barack Obama’s office declined to answer questions about whether it is searching for classified documents at his residences after documents have now been found in the homes and offices of President Biden, former President Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence.

“We have nothing for you at this time,” Hannah Hankins, the communications director for Obama, told Fox News Digital when asked if searches for classified material were underway.

Meantime, the National Archives is reportedly considering asking living former presidents and VPs to have a look through their closets for classified material.

2 thoughts on “Obama’s office won’t say if he’s looking for classified documents”

  1. Which is more dangerous, a prior President with secure docs in his private possession or current member of Congress hiding the same type of docs?
    Can we just all say that no member of the federal government is entitled to remove any classified material without Congressional approval? Perhaps every President has dark secrets that they wish to keep in the dark, who the heck knows.


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