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Democratic mayors objecting to Biden immigration policies

Oh, they don’t like it now. When Texas border towns are being inundated, they don’t care. But now that it’s come to the Big Apple, Mayor Adams is starting to sound like a Republican.

2 thoughts on “Democratic mayors objecting to Biden immigration policies”

  1. Mayor Eric Adams APRIL 2019
    Make no mistake, New York City will ALWAYS stand up to
    and call out his cynical plots to divide our country. To anyone in the world fleeing hatred and oppression, the ultimate city of immigrants wants you to remember: you’re ALWAYS welcome here.

  2. My only question to Mayor Swag: Is it the influx of illegals to your fine city that is bothering you, or is it the cost of it?
    Sounds to me like Adams is ok with accepting all kinds of illegals that are dumped on our doorstep, as long as somebody else pays the tab.

    Build the next encampment at Gracie Mansion, then in front of all the beautiful museums, then convert Central Park.

    Sit back and watch all those Upper West Siders scream

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