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How lunch bucket Joe cashed in big

Joe Biden didn’t run for president in 2016. But he didn’t waste his time staying poor.

Because why carry a lunch bucket when you can do expense account lunches at steakhouses?

According to the New York Post:

When Joe Biden was a US senator he referred to himself as “one of the poorest members” of Congress. But his fortunes rose precipitously following his years as vice president, thanks to a flurry of cash from book deals and speeches — as well as regular kickbacks from his brother and youngest son, according to text messages from Hunter Biden’s laptop and a congressional probe.

In 2016, his last year as vice president, “middle class Joe” reported between $291,000 and about $1 million in assets and income outside his vice-presidential salary of $230,700. He also claimed between $780,000 and about $1.6 million in liabilities, according to his 2016 personal financial disclosure form . . .

In the year after he left office as vice president in 2017, Biden and his wife Jill earned more than $11 million, and raked in $4.6 million the following year, according to Forbes.

Have a look here to see the details from the Post.

1 thought on “How lunch bucket Joe cashed in big”

  1. Making bank after you leave office, understood.
    Sleazy deals with nefarious sources while in office, criminal.
    My suspicion is that the Biden Clan squirrelled away illicit income over the years, sheltering it in hard to trace LLCs, off shore accounts, and phoney NFPs.

    Again, Biden is the poster boy for term limits. The only lunch bucket Joe cares about is his own.
    Meanwhile, Joe’s south of the border invitees steal $12k from a NY Macy’s and 4 get caught. Bet we never hear the end result of that either.

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