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White House ditches Biden transparence vow

Oh well, enough of that. When there’s something to hide, you can’t be transparent.

According to the Washington Times:

President Biden pledged on his first day in office to “bring transparency and truth back to government,” but this White House has repeatedly fallen far short of that standard in dealing with his mishandling of government secrets.

The president and his lieutenants have dodged questions, stonewalled Congress and imposed an information blackout in response to Obama-era classified documents that were discovered unsecured at various locations used by Mr. Biden . . .

The president’s lawyers then searched his personal residences, turning up additional classified documents at his Wilmington, Delaware, home during January and December inspections.

The revelations have sparked several key questions that the White House has not answered. One question is why the Justice Department’s investigation was made public two months after the first document was found.

It is also not clear why the president’s team returned to his Wilmington home this month after carrying out a search in December.

2 thoughts on “White House ditches Biden transparence vow”

  1. Jackie Gleason ( for those who remember him) would get into a pickle at times on his comedy show ” The Honeymooners”. The acting was superb. When in his character Ralph Kramden, he would stammer on when asked a question that unveiled some secret Ralph wanted to himself. It was usually some silly scam to make money or something similar. But the funny part was his reaction to the question, he would stammer on by saying…hamminah, hamminah, hamminah, with beads of sweat pouring down his forehead.

    KJP is Ralph

  2. What I don’t get is why the DOJ allowed Biden’s lawyers to do whatever they wanted with the evidence instead of treating it as what it certainly appeared to be: evidence at a crime scene. The DOJ should have moved in, secured the evidence, and began making arrests of anyone that appeared to be in possession of these papers.

    The closest episode I have seen to this was in the move “The Other Guys” when the main characters (the cops) were ordered to hand over all evidence of a crime to the defendant’s lawyers. But this was supposed to be fiction.
    We are witnessing a “comedy” in our federal government, except that it’s not funny, and it will just cost taxpayers gobs of money to finally wind up not holding anybody accountable.

    The dems didn’t need adherence to due process when Trump was caught doing this, they had the press to make sure DJT was help accountable. The press won’t apply the same (supposed) principles for Biden, and now we can see how corrupt the DOJ is as well as all of Washington judging by the complete lack of objection.


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