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Andrew McCarthy: Secret Service knows who visited Biden in Delaware

Republicans investigating President Biden for sneaking classified documents out of the White House want the visitor logs for who came to see him at his Delaware home.

The White House says it’s a private residence and there are no “visitor logs.” But according to former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy, there are records, if not “logs.”

He writes in the New York Post:

Let’s say the FBI was investigating a threat against the president, and one relevant line of inquiry involved figuring out who had visited the president’s private homes in Delaware during certain dates over the last 23 months. The Secret Service is responsible for keeping these private residences secure even when the president is not on site. If the FBI told the Secret Service that it was critical to get such visitor information, do you really think the Secret Service would respond, “Gee, sorry, we don’t keep logs for that”?

I certainly don’t believe that.

Given the lawyerly way the Biden White House has answered questions about who has visited the president at his Wilmington and Rehoboth Beach homes, I am prepared to believe that the Secret Service does not keep a document that they call a “log” of visitors. But I do not believe the Secret Service lacks records of visitor information, whatever they may call those records. I am very confident that, if the agency believed it was in the interests of the president’s security that the information be produced for the bureau, it would be produced at warp speed.

1 thought on “Andrew McCarthy: Secret Service knows who visited Biden in Delaware”

  1. Notice how this is taking on the same same narrative that the Clintons have used for decades:
    Deny, deny, obfuscate, deny again.
    Then after many months, call it old news and say we have to move on for the “good of the country”.
    As long as the media accepts this “malarkey”, powerful people will succeed.
    Its that simple.

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