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Video | Biden claims he regularly attended black church

Not likely.

The same Joe Biden who regularly opposed busing black kids to white school districts, which many liberals at the time backed?

3 thoughts on “Video | Biden claims he regularly attended black church”

  1. What exactly did he mean by this, I went to the black church after mass?
    Did he go to church daily?
    And what black church did he go to?
    If you did this every single day, you should be able to recall the names of the churches, no?
    My questioning is not that important to me, but if I was sitting there listening to Mr., Malarkey, I would have some serious questions.
    But the congregation just laughs.
    Lord help us, literally.


    1. Pibbs, I noticed that as well.
      His tag lines that tip off he is lying:
      ” Not a joke”, an old guy expression when he is fabricating.
      “True story…” which means his other stories are not?
      ” Growing up in PA” , a pandering to rural folk, he was 10 when he left..uh huh.
      ” My father used to say”. More BS that old politicos use to boost their position.
      and the topper:
      ” My son Beau”. Let the guy rest, stop using his memory as fodder for political gain, it is gross and yes, deplorable.

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