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Biden renominates Garcetti to be India ambassador despite allegations

Former Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was accused of ignoring sexual harassment by a top aide, but President Biden says he is well qualified and renominated him anyway after the nomination failed last year.

According to Fox News:

President Biden still wants embattled former Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to be the next ambassador to India, despite allegations that Garcetti was an “enabler” of sexual harassment during his time in office.

Garcetti was first nominated by Biden in 2021, but the nomination stalled for months and petered out when the last Congress closed after Republicans highlighted the sexual harassment scandal. Nonetheless, Biden renominated Garcetti this week as the 118th Congress kicked off on Tuesday.

“He is well qualified — Mayor Garcetti — to serve in this vital role,” White House press secretary Karine Jean Pierre said Tuesday. “And we’re hopeful that the full Senate will confirm him promptly.”

2 thoughts on “Biden renominates Garcetti to be India ambassador despite allegations”

  1. Let him go to India! As Mayor of Los Angeles, the mess he made by not addressing the homeless issue is despicable. I have lived in SoCal my entire life and worked in downtown LA in the 1960’s. Today, you couldn’t pay me to go to downtown LA and walk the streets. The homeless situation is as bad as San Francisco. JMHO.

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