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Biden gives in and says he will go to the border

President Biden suggested Wednesday he will finally visit the border.

Of course, this begs the question, what took him so long? If there is a reason to go now, why not six months ago? A year ago?

Apparently, unlike late last year, there are no longer better things to do.

4 thoughts on “Biden gives in and says he will go to the border”

  1. He didn’t say the “southern” border.
    He could be headed to Tacoma for all we know. In the end, we need to find a way to halt funding for Biden’s ” South of the Border” rest area. Only by stopping the funding will the real impact reveal itself. Does that South of the Border place in SC still exist? It was full of signs that say Pedro says this, Pedro says that…
    Completely non PC but it was a kitschy place. Maybe the President can work there in 2024.

  2. He’s not giving in to anything. He’ll go to some safe area with no activity and say there’s not a problem, completely avoiding the actual trouble spots.

  3. Just read that Slo Joe is going to El Paso and the area is being cleaned up, etc. before his visit. Typical – so they can show there is no problem.

  4. Monday Morning Score.
    Trump let in 700k migrants.
    Biden let in 6,000,000
    Biden blames Trump and his own Congress for failure.
    Media farts.


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