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Majority believes Biden committed a crime or did something unethical related to Hunter

If Republicans are smart and aggressive, they could be able to use upcoming House hearings to implicate President Biden in his son’s business shenanigans.

That’s a big “if.” But there is bipartisan popular suspicion. Nice to know a few Democrats are sensible, even these days.

According to a Fox News poll:

Nearly three-quarters of voters (72%) think it is important for the Justice Department to investigate the younger Biden’s business dealings with foreign governments — unchanged from the 72% who felt that way in August. That includes majorities of Republicans (88%), independents (74%) and Democrats (54%).

Partisans disagree, however, on what investigations into Hunter Biden’s conduct will reveal. Republicans generally think Hunter Biden did something illegal in his business dealings with Ukraine and China (70%), and that President Biden committed a crime related to his son’s activities (63%). By contrast, just one-in-10 Democrats think Hunter Biden (11%) or Joe Biden (8%) did something illegal.

Overall, 39% think Hunter Biden committed a crime, 31% say he did something unethical but not illegal and 19% believe he did nothing seriously wrong.

The numbers are fairly similar for President Biden: 35% say he committed a crime, 27% think he acted unethically but not illegally and 31% feel he did nothing wrong.

Fox’s polls are nonpartisan.

1 thought on “Majority believes Biden committed a crime or did something unethical related to Hunter”

  1. Joe Biden is like the local police chief who many people admire but he sort of does a bit of shaky business on the side, lets his friend who commit crimes skate, and overall, nobody really distrusts the guy, but they often raise an eyebrow.
    Hunter is the Eff Up son of the chief who has felt priviledged his whole life, knew he could get away with stuff that other kids could not. The father always covered for the screwball son, even covering his criminal tracks. Eventually the kid messes up so bad that even dear old dad cannot cover, and the whole mess unravels for the township to see.

    Many of us have seen this, its not rare. Now we see it on a very high level.

    Note: apologies to the 99% of law enforcement who do a darn good, honest job, protecting us. We respect them, we need them, we thank God for them.


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