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Karine Jean-Pierre says Biden has a “six point” plan to stop illegal immigration

This plan has not been released, but White House Dossier has obtained a copy which we share with you this evening.

Point One: Go to Point 2.
Point Two: Go back to Point 1 and then go to Point 3.
Point Three: Tell illegal immigrants there are MONSTERS in the United States.
Point Four: Appoint Kamala Harris to find out the “root causes” of the problem.
Point Five: Build a wall on the Canadian border in case THAT’S where they want to go.
Point Six: See Point Two.

4 thoughts on “Karine Jean-Pierre says Biden has a “six point” plan to stop illegal immigration”

  1. At some point you have to feel bad for the WH Press Corps, sitting there every day, listening to this person bob and weave around any topic, rarely offering substantive data or news.

    Here are “my” six points, not that it matters:
    1. Enforce the existing law, respect the Border Guards, arm them all.
    2. Station buses on our side,. every migrant goes over the wall, onto the bus.
    do not stop at GO, do not collect $200. Back to your home country, same day.
    3, Create billboards on the south side of the wall that say, in multiple languages, violators of our immigration law will be summarily dismissed to their home country. Those who resist will be deemed enemies, and shot.

    Gee, only took me 3 steps. Wonder what Biden’s 4,5,6 are.


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