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Biden administration sues Arizona to stop construction of a border wall

Of course they’re suing! The Biden administration is deeply concerned that a border wall might stop . . . illegal immigration.

According to Fox News:

The Biden administration on Wednesday sued the state of Arizona over its construction of a makeshift border wall using shipping containers and razor wire in order to prevent the flow of illegal immigrants — with the administration claiming the state is trespassing on federal lands.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court, says that the installation of multi-ton shipping containers, welded shut and topped with razor wire, “damage[s] federal lands, threaten[s] public safety, and impede[s] the ability of federal agencies and officials, including law enforcement personnel, to perform their official duties.”

The lawsuit is the latest back-and-forth between Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and the Biden administration over Ducey’s decision earlier this year to fill gaps in the border wall with shipping containers. The move was taken in response to the ongoing crisis at the border which saw more than 2.3 million migrant encounters along the border in FY 2022.

7 thoughts on “Biden administration sues Arizona to stop construction of a border wall”

  1. Arizona’s Governor is doing the right thing, but Biden and his cohorts are determined to keep the illegal migrants coming no matter what. They seem resolved to destroy the United States.

  2. Today I am sending a locksmith to the White House to remove all door and window locks, in fact, to remove all doors. After all, this is the People’s House, we should all be able to come in any darn time we please, right?
    And while we’re at it, lets remove all fencing and heck, if any intruders, excuse me, visitors enter the property, lets let them set up camp in the Rose Garden, feed them daily, provide medical tents on premises, tutoring in five languages, a new cell tower and cell phones so they can invite their relatives over.

    Biden is the enemy right now. Even Henry Cuellar is stomping mad about it. You GO Henry! And we have an empty seat on the right side of the aisle reserved for you too!

  3. The new governor is a Democrat. What do you bet that she’ll say “Sure, Joe, Babe, we’ll pull down that container wall; and while we’re at it, ALL the wall along the border; just for you!”

    1. Well said Bandit. Are the migrants intruding on us or are we intruding on their ability to get here. Remember when they used say that fences make good neighbors? no more

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