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Kerry wants Americans to pay poor nations for climate change we caused

Basically, reparations.

White House climate czar John Kerry said U.S. taxpayers should pay up to poor countries that are affected by climate change.

Right, sorry our culture became more advanced first. We are already paying plenty in foreign aid. No apologies for industrialization.

And btw, are countries where agriculture benefits from global warming going to give us a cut of their new profits?

4 thoughts on “Kerry wants Americans to pay poor nations for climate change we caused”

  1. The European Union permitted France to ban all domestic flights linked by train travel of less than two and a half hours. The decision by the EU was made yesterday, 12/2/2022. The ban will affect routes between Paris Orly, Nantes, Lyon, and Bordeaux, at least not yet.

    Another climate change fiasco. Uber wealthy and priv·i·leged folks dictating game rules to others while they do as they please. Infuriating.

    Want to see John Kerry squirm? Lets invoke a rule that NO private jets can fly anywhere in America under 3 hrs if you can take AMTRAK. Take that Johhnny, and lets see how YOU feel about it.

    Fired up over here, sorry folks.


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