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White House doesn’t invite certain conservative outlets to press Xmas party

Well, so much for all the talk about believing in a free press, diversity of opinion, and so on.

According to the New York Post:

President Biden is facing an outcry from the White House press corps for the “petty” exclusion of journalists from the traditional presidential media Christmas parties.

In a seeming break from Biden’s pledge to restore “civility” to public life, a number of journalists — many believing themselves excluded for “naughty” rather than “nice” coverage — didn’t get invites to the glam soirees on Dec. 8 for TV teams and on Dec. 13 for other press . . .

The Post, which published bombshell documents from first son Hunter Biden’s laptop, was among the diverse group of outlets snubbed — but got a belated invite Monday evening after requesting comment for this article.

Other journalists from a wide range of outlets that regularly attend briefings found themselves without invites, at least initially — including Salon, Newsmax and the Washington Examiner . . . Politico reported last week that CBS and Fox producers and technicians were left out of the TV press party.

2 thoughts on “White House doesn’t invite certain conservative outlets to press Xmas party”

  1. They think Miranda Devine is Scrooge. But actually, she is Bob Crachit.

    Covid re emerging, no concern for this party.
    Spending more than Macy’s Christmas decorations for these parties, no biggie.
    Guest list based upon their coveted DEI protocol? uh, full stop there.

    Biden, we see you when you’re sleeping)( which is often in public)
    We know when you’re a-woke
    We know that you don’t care about bad or good.
    So retire for goodness sake.

    sorry, could not resist.

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