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Karine Jean-Pierre says Biden and Harris have lowered prices

With a straight face.

6 thoughts on “Karine Jean-Pierre says Biden and Harris have lowered prices”

  1. Came back with food today that was 30% less a year ago. She is a high paid fool. Take half her pay away and see if that’s gonna work for her. Keep hearing inflation is getting better. Being retired now is the worst. Biden wrecked my country, Ian wrecked my home. Add to that, they are getting ready to arrest Trump… Almost go time I guess.

  2. If I ever played poker, I would not want to be up against her. She has an incredible ability to look you in the face ( when not reading) and outright lie and bluff. The only difference is her cards are facing outward, so we see her hand, and as they say,. ” she got nuttin.”

    The only person she is bluffing she sees in the mirror each morning.
    Plus Joe Scarborough.

  3. What she actually was saying is” Biden and Harris have lowered THEIR prices on what they will take to do something for someone willing to pay them!

  4. The only thing lowered in the entire Biden administration is the quality of their people. They are also lowered the decency quotient for decent, honorable citizens.

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