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Video | Biden skips border because he has ‘more important’ things to do

President Biden went to Arizona Tuesday to talk about microchips. He was in Pheonix, just 100 miles from the Mexican border, but couldn’t be bothered to chopper south and witness the devastation for himself.

He doesn’t care that illegal immigrants are flooding into the country, and that their conditions are miserable. Donald Trump, accused of being callous, had put an end to the tragedy. Biden, good ‘ole Joe, revived the suffering, for the illegals and the nation.

You’d think a man whose son was so addicted to drugs would at least be concerned about all the fentanyl coming in.

1 thought on “Video | Biden skips border because he has ‘more important’ things to do”

  1. Biden, 50 years of doing what he is told he must do.
    With few exceptions, the media is AWOL.

    thank you RK& KK for being there, One of the few remaining sources of honesty.


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