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Video | Biden shares bizarrely long handshake with Macron

Notice how the French president tries several times to escape from Biden’s insanely long grip during the arrival ceremony for Macron’s State Visit.

2 thoughts on “Video | Biden shares bizarrely long handshake with Macron”

  1. 1. Maybe he was trying not to pass gas. Look at his face!

    2. He needed someone to hold him up, using Macron as a crutch.

    Just awkward… very awkward handshake.

  2. We need a bubble comment box for Macron:

    #1. ” Jesus Joe, let go, this ain’t no bromance.”
    #2. ” Merci, merci… Joe, I said MERCI !!!”
    #3. ” Not now Joe, the cameras are on.”
    #4. ” Well Joe, at least you got a grip on something.”

    Feel free to add your own version


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