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Biden walks into lobster trap

President Biden’s guests at the State Dinner for French President Emmanuel Macron gobbled down 200 lobsters.

But what about all the Americans who cannot afford lobster?

“Let them shrimp,” Biden said.

Well, no. But imagine the snickering if Donald Trump served guests scores of lobsters at the White House.

Anyway, Biden is at least in trouble with environmentalists.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

It wasn’t the cheese selection that became the most contentious item on the menu at President Biden’s first state dinner Thursday night with French President Emmanuel Macron. Instead, the butter-poached Maine lobster landed the White House in hot water.

The state’s lobster fishery has been at the center of legal and regulatory fights over whether its equipment harms endangered North Atlantic right whales—a political battle that began boiling over after two conservation groups warned consumers against buying Maine lobsters. Last month, Whole Foods Market paused its sales of the state’s iconic crustacean, saying it doesn’t meet the grocer’s sustainability standards.

The White House’s decision to procure 200 live lobsters—which were set to be simmered in butter, dolloped with American Osetra caviar and garnished with celery crisp—thrilled Maine’s politicians, who have coalesced behind the state’s lobster industry.

“If Maine lobster is good enough for the White House to serve, it’s good enough for every seafood retailer—including Whole Foods—to sell,” Sen. Susan Collins (R., Maine) said on Twitter Wednesday night.

3 thoughts on “Biden walks into lobster trap”

  1. Caviar. They served caviar.
    Have you ever served caviar? Under a specially designed glass room constructed on the property just for this event. Aren’t most state dinners held inside, in some big room at the WH? Spare no expense for Team Biden.

    If on Trump was in office, imagine the vitriol.
    Tell ya what, bet he would not serve caviar.


  2. Slo-Joe and his staff are totally oblivious to what is happening to most families in the USA. They just continue on their merry way living the “high” life.

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