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Twitter censor finally admits he should not have squashed Hunter laptop scoop

Well, yes, now that Joe Biden has won the election, it’s safe for Yoel Roth to change his mind about suppressing one of the biggest journalistic scoops of the century.

According to the New York Post:

The former Twitter executive and safety chief who played a key role in censoring The Post’s October 2020 exposé on Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop has admitted it was a mistake — more than two years later while his onetime boss, Elon Musk, acknowledged Wednesday that the social media giant “has interfered in elections.”.

Yoel Roth, who was Twitter’s head of trust and safety until he quit earlier this month in the wake of Elon Musk’s $44 billion takeover, confessed Tuesday that the company erred in restricting people from sharing the scoop . . .

Asked if it was a mistake for Twitter to have blocked the story from being shared, Roth responded: “In my opinion, yes.”

1 thought on “Twitter censor finally admits he should not have squashed Hunter laptop scoop”

  1. And that’s that.
    Probably not a criminal offense, but certainly a moral and ethical offense.
    The Elon era at twitter is taking some big steps to rid social media of its many ills.
    Good for him, good for us.
    Just imagine, if Musk did NOT buy Twitter, Yoel Roth would still be in charge of safety on the platform. Let that sink in.


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