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Biden bans reporters from granddaughter’s White House wedding

So they want to use what they describe as “the people’s house” for their grandkid’s wedding. But they don’t want the people there, and they don’t even want the people to see anything.

Go get a room at your private club in Delaware, for goodness sake.

The New York Post reports:

It’s their party and they’ll deny if they want to.

President Biden will ban journalists from covering any part of his granddaughter Naomi’s Saturday wedding at the White House — before celebrating his 80th birthday with a Sunday brunch, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed Friday.

The administration’s chief spokesperson added the coverage restrictions for the 11 a.m. South Lawn ceremony and evening reception were put in place at the request of Naomi, whose father is scandal-plagued first son Hunter Biden.

“Naomi and Peter [Neal] have asked that their wedding be closed to the media and we are respecting their wishes,” Jean-Pierre said. “This is their wish and we should be thrilled and happy for them in making this really important step in their lives.”

It’s unclear if reporters will be able to attend the brunch marking Biden’s 80th birthday the following day — as he becomes the first president to ever reach that milestone amid increasing questions about his mental acuity.

3 thoughts on “Biden bans reporters from granddaughter’s White House wedding”

  1. The White House belongs to the people, not to the Biden’s, the Obama’s, the Clinton’s or the Bush’s. They should have to pay us, to use it.

    1. ‘Good point OK gal, why do WE the people have to pay for all this security, etc? Now, speaking honestly, perhaps there is some chargeback to the Bidens, could be. But after a while, where is the line drawn for private family events at the WH? Immediate family, Pres, spouse, immediate children, ok. But granddaughter? If Hunter divorces his wife ( still married, right?) can the ex-wife throw a happy divorce party on the back porch and sip cocktails with her girrrrlllfriends?

      Have some respect for the edifice that stands for our nation and its values.
      It ain’t the Astoria Manor Wedding Venue.


  2. 28 November 2022

    Being a long time fan, reader & part-time ‘commentator’ on White House Dossier…. I have to ask this question;
    Is dead…??? For days on end, I see no new stories or updates.

    I use to look forward to reading WHD daily and posting comments-insights with fellow, like minded, very well informed & witty commentators (wish I could have DM some of you guys -lol)
    But nowadays…this site just feels sadly over :-(

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