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Republicans accuse Bidens of being a crime family, promise to investigate

Yes, Joe too.

It doesn’t matter if Republicans have a one-vote majority or a 60-vote majority, they get the gavels and can launch badly-needed investigations.

According to the Washington Times:

House Republicans are zeroing in on President Biden’s direct involvement in an array of potentially illegal business dealings spearheaded by his son Hunter Biden.

Republicans who will soon run the House Oversight and Reform and Judiciary committees fired their first shot across the president’s bow on Thursday by laying out evidence that they say “raises troubling questions” about whether Mr. Biden has been “compromised by foreign governments.” They pledged to expand their investigation into Mr. Biden when Republicans control the House in the next Congress, which convenes in January.

“This is an investigation of Joe Biden,” said Rep. James Comer of Kentucky, who is poised to take the gavel of the Oversight and Reform Committee . . . “I don’t think a lot of people realize the evidence that’s already out there pertaining to Hunter Biden,” Mr. Comer said. “I don’t think anybody realizes that Joe Biden was in fact involved in a lot of this.” . . .

Citing evidence obtained from Hunter Biden’s laptop and through whistleblowers, Mr. Comer said his committee had uncovered a “decade-long pattern of influence peddling, national security risks, and political cover-ups” committed by the Biden family with the direct knowledge and involvement of the president.

5 thoughts on “Republicans accuse Bidens of being a crime family, promise to investigate”

  1. 150 SAR reports, Suspicious Activity Reports, on Hunter Biden, many may reveal terrible connections to nefarious parties, and many may reveal Joe Biden himself was integrally involved. Getting 1 report is troubling, …150?

    What is a SAR in banking?
    The purpose of the Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) is to report known or suspected violations of law or suspicious activity observed by financial institutions subject to the regulations of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA).

    This is not some offbeat GOP outlier with a hellbent agenda. We are talking about major banking institutions that reported many many SARs to our federal government. And the President may have hid it all.

    CNN will cover this for sure….ha

  2. I really wish they would begin to clean out this nest of vipers but far too many republicans are shady themselves and will recoil from any legal work out of fear for themselves.

  3. Long overdue investigation but will it go the way of other investigations, like the one for Hillary’s misdeeds? I’m afraid the corruption runs so deep in government and the media that nothing will come from it.

    Nice to see you back Mr. K.

  4. If down the road, Slo-Joe has to testify will this be when they put out there that he has dementia and is not capable of testifying? Just wondering…

  5. Nothing will ever happen. And, as the midterms have shown, the Dems will roll on as they’re committed to winning at all costs . . . and apparently the electorate is mostly okay with their policies. If the Republicans can’t make huge gains in a year like this, it’s a terrible sign for the future.

    As for 2024, Old Man Joe will probably run again, and win again. With the Dem machine in place (Deep State, media, Big Tech, and complicit Republicans) — plus the changing electorate — neither Trump nor DeSantis has a chance. A depressing thought, but unfortunately it’s the reality we face.

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