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DHS Secretary Mayorkas still thinks the border is secure

Maybe he believes it. Would be more comforting if he was just lying.

1 thought on “DHS Secretary Mayorkas still thinks the border is secure”

  1. His definition of “secure” differs from reality.
    Joe Biden, yesterday, was commenting on the GOP taking the house. congratulating them and offering to “work with the other side”. Then he stated that voters “reaffirmed democracy and rejected violence, election deniers and intimidation”. So all you people who voted for GOP candidates that did not win, you mean nothing, zero, nada, zilch. Working with the other side means bowing to the DNC.

    He went on to chirp about voters speaking clearly about concerns to lower costs, protect the right to choose, and preserve our democracy,. Not a peep about CRIME, the BORDER, the ECONOMY,, FENTANYL DEATH.

    Joe Biden is the Denier, denying the reality of the sheer mess we are in.

    2024, its a long road ahead.

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