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Psaki admits that Democrats are selling socialism

How else do you explain this?

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

3 thoughts on “Psaki admits that Democrats are selling socialism”

  1. Or: People from the Spanish heritage segment value family, church, commitment, and their freedom to work and live and make individual choices. That is a tough sell if you are a hard left leaning politician who believes in none of that.
    I was at Costco in CT last Sunday, jam packed. Looking around, I was smiling as I saw many Hispanic families, hard workers, shopping as a family, assimilating as did our family who preceded us. Lets agree that hard working law abiding migrants deserve their chance, but only if they follow immigration law.

    A Hispanic client of mine came in one day, very proud to declare he is a US Citizen, tears in his eyes. He came to me just to tell me. It was a few years ago. He wanted to know who I would vote for, Trump or Biden? I asked the same of him. His reply: When Obama was in office, I could work 3-4 days per week. With Trump, I can work 7 days per week if I want to, there is that much work. And he said ALL my Hispanic friends are voting for Trump.
    Its that simple.

    Maybe DeSantis can make the same connection.
    Sorry, this dragged on a bit.

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