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Biden says everything is going great, won’t change a thing

Democrats are lucky he didn’t say this before Election Day.

Even CNN was insulted.

4 thoughts on “Biden says everything is going great, won’t change a thing”

  1. Oh, now I get it. Its not that he is not doing diddlysquat, its that we the people just do not get the message, that it takes time. That makes us feel better at the pump, the grocery store, when our schools are overwhelmed with new migrants that were never planned for, for every parent of a kid who died from fentanyl.

    Even CNN understands the impact of his failure to grasp fact versus fiction.

    Biden is the poster boy for TERM LIMITS. Been inside the beltway so long he has lost every day consciousness. He even needs his caregiver standing by at every moment, see her there?

  2. Monday morning thought:

    Fire Mitch McConnell
    Fire Kevin McCarthy
    When you team has overwhelming odds of winning the game big time, and your sort of end up in a tie, heads must roll
    The messaging and force of it was weak, targeting wrong races, funding improperly.
    The GOP needs to wake up and play the game the other team does if they want a better result in 2024. I detest every part of the early vote, but if the games rules dictate that is a critical part, we must play the game as such.
    We need to start a grass roots program to move GOP voters to get out early and get it done. Again, I would much prefer just voting on election day.

    Last thought: why they heck is election day on a Tuesday, a work day? Can we please move it to a Sunday to give it greater participation? How many hard working voters do you know that went to work that day and simply did not get around to voting by the end of the day?


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