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Trump promises ‘big announcement’ November 15

Former President Trump said during a rally in Dayton, Ohio that he will make a “big announcement” at Mar-a-Lago on Nov. 15.

Now, what could that be?


4 thoughts on “Trump promises ‘big announcement’ November 15”

  1. After his silly DeSantis comment the other day, I hope he takes the high road, not running. With such shining stars emerging on the right, we don’t need an eclipse to mess up the trajectory. DeSantis, Kari Lake, Tulsi, and many others are a new breed of GOP, time to give them their chance to shine.

    11 08 2022
    To my fellow NYers, especially those that reside in NYC: Ask all your friends today, particularly the left learners, this simple question: When you enter the NY subway, do you think twice these days? Maybe you should do the same when you enter the voting booth.

  2. Tulsi is not going to run as a Republican…..Kari Lake needs more time – we need to see her run something (Trump at least had run large businesses when he ran the first time) and DeSantis is a big boy. I didn’t care for the comment either, but I also didn’t like the closing “Sanctimonious” campaign ad that DeSantis did – he didn’t need to do that either – he was better than that. Bottom line, I would prefer someone else to run that is electable, but I will vote for whomever the Republican candidate is.

  3. I sure hope he doesn’t run, he is unelectable and he will divide the conservative vote, guaranteeing a deeper dive into socialism.

  4. Today the NYP dumped on Trump.
    Combine that with his post election day whining and finger pointing, his ship has sailed. He might, emphasis on might, be the rainmaker in 2024, but his headlining days are behind him. DJT was what American needed in the moment, but not what we need going forward.

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