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Biden tells Oil companies to expand supply

The man has been threatening to put oil companies out of business, curbing their ability to drill, and promoting alternative fuels.

But now, he says without shame, that he wants more oil. After spending more than 18 months spooking investment.

4 thoughts on “Biden tells Oil companies to expand supply”

  1. The man is a Neanderthal when it comes to economics.
    Want to encourage any business to thrive?
    Cut the cord
    Reduce unfair regulation.
    Incentivize with low tax rates
    Talk nice nice about them.
    Is it THAT hard? For Biden, it is.

  2. Ppl that can’t believe Biden is hurting the energy industry, they didn’t pay attention when he said he would work it out, meaning shutting it down. Wait till there’s no fuel to deliver food and ppl start to go hungry.

    1. The people who will suffer the most are the poor, living paycheck to paycheck, and the elderly. Some millennials will suffer too, but only because they are used to getting their food delivered by Uber.

  3. It’s difficult for oil companies to expand their production, when Biden put punishing roadblocks and penalties in their way. This catastrophe is on Biden, he owns it, vote accordingly.

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