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Biden says Trump called Paul Pelosi attacker a patriot

The uniter strikes again.

President Biden during his tour of California said Trump and “Trumpies” think the nut who attacked Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul is a patriot.

He said:

“How can you call yourself a democracy when you have a group of 1,000 people who storm the United States Capitol, break the windows and doors down … break through the House and Senate doors and chambers, have people cowering on the floor, threatening to kill people? You saw what happened to Paul Pelosi, in the effort to get to Nancy. Well, guess what. What do Trump and all his Trumpies call them? He said they’re ‘patriots.'”

4 thoughts on “Biden says Trump called Paul Pelosi attacker a patriot”

  1. Biden will accuse President Trump of anything and everything, none of which is true. Why should Slow Joe be allowed to constantly lie ? Sadly, there are actually people who believe his BS.

  2. Its gets to a point where this President is a farce, impossible to take seriously in any capacity. Last night he spoke in Yonkers. CORRECTION: they claimed it was Yonkers because that checks the box of going to an urban area. Ney ney. It was at uber expensive Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, a tony enclave just north of NYC, known for his excellent schools, Tudor mansions, short easy commute to the city. Sarah Lawrence costs $78k per year, I looked it up. Less than 20% minority. Average income in USA $61k, Bronxville $160k. Am I the only one scratching my head wondering who sets these appearances up? Oh and no more drilling says Joe, ever. Imbecilic.

    In Philly over the wknd, Biden appeared with Obama and Fetterman at Temple Univ. The SAME night, 9 people gunned down in a street party in Philly. Perps jump out of a car, start shooting into a crowd, 9 hit, believe most survived. Perps flee, no reports of identity, no arrests, no leads,. Same night, same town, but nary a whisper of crime in our nation.

    11 08 2022 VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!!

  3. There wasn’t one door broken down, not one cop killed, not one fire set, or one building destroyed by conservative Americans on January 6th. Biden is, was, and always has been A LIAR.

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