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DJ Don! Trump deejays his Mar-a-Lago Halloween party

According to the New York Post:

Donald Trump deejayed his own Halloween party at Mar-A-Lago Monday, sources exclusively told Page Six.

“The former president played DJ from his dinner table with his iPad,” a source said of the “wild” Palm Beach, Fla., celebration.

The insider added that the 76-year-old “Apprentice” alum was “playing mostly ‘80s music that got everyone dancing.”

He also played “Phantom of the Opera” loudly, which even had some elderly guests privately grousing, we hear.

The source revealed The Donald dressed as himself for the holiday bash and was in top form greeting guests who all encouraged him to announce he’s running for president again in 2024 — but he ducked direct answers.

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  1. Although I’m a Trump supporter I do hope DJT holds off any announcements for a run until a few weeks after the midterms, we don’t want to encourage Democrat voters to come out in numbers.

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