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Biden tells Floridians Republicans want to take their Social Security away

Of all the lies and scare tactics, this is one of the Democrats’ favorite. Will the mainstream press call him out? Of course not.

According to the Washington Times:

President Biden on Tuesday warned voters in the retirement mecca of Florida that a Republican-controlled Congress will imperil social security and Medicare.

The speech comes exactly one week ahead of the midterm elections and Florida Democrats are hopeful the president can motivate the base to turn out. Democrats are trailing in both the Senate and gubernatorial races in Florida.

Mr. Biden’s remarks largely echoed the Democrats’ midterm message that a Republican victory next week will threaten older voters who rely upon entitlements.

“You’ve been paying into Social Security your whole life. You earned it. Now, these guys want to take it away. Who in the hell do they think they are?” Mr. Biden said at Hallandale Beach, Florida.

2 thoughts on “Biden tells Floridians Republicans want to take their Social Security away”

  1. First, the man never knows what he says until the teleprompter tells him too.
    Next, he probably has no clue what he just said.
    Telling Floridians the GOP is going to take away their Medicare and SS is like telling Wisconsin’s their cheese is going to be banned or Kentuckians that sour mash is taking on a 50% tax
    Neither will EVER happen, but the threat of it, even the false threat, drives the left to despise the right even more. He is selling snake oil and the minions are buying it.

    But really, who cares what Biden says as they trot him out in a no-win state to back a no-win candidate and everyone in the audience already knows DeSantis will win,. Why do they do this? Because they don’t want old Joe stumping and stumbling for real races in real states;, leave that to screaming Obama and the good Dr Jill.

    ps.. Kamala, where for art thou?

    11 08 22 VOTE VOTE VOTE !!!!!

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