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Video | Biden forgets that student loan forgiveness was an order, not a law

President Biden now says something awfully ridiculous every single time he appears in public.

The latest – unless something happened in the last few minutes – is that he thinks his student loan forgiveness, done by executive fiat in the style of Xi Jinping, was a law passed by Congress.

The White House said he was referring to the Inflation Reduction Act, which was a law, but which didn’t have a student loan writeoff.

2 thoughts on “Video | Biden forgets that student loan forgiveness was an order, not a law”

  1. Joe’s going to be painted into a corner very soon that will keep him and his fascist party pinned in for the rest of his term. He’ll flail around and say stupid things and his minions will continue to harass and intimidate. Hoping the Republicans grow a pair and impeach the bastards at DOJ, FBI and DHS. I have my doubts. Joe can stew in his own juices until his term is up, if he makes it that long.

    1. Coop, many of us share the same thoughts, but we are up against a media that admittedly cringes when Biden speaks, but deep down they know Biden is their useful you-know-what.

      And therein lies the crux of the issue, the uphill battle, convincing every day Americans to turn off main stream news, local news,, and find sources that give honest analysis, good, bad, all of it.


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