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Video | The Joe Biden diet plan

Forget Nutrisystem. This could be the answer a lot of people are looking for.

3 thoughts on “Video | The Joe Biden diet plan”

  1. Apologies for going semi-OT, but since Keith literally wrote the book on the guy: Steve Bannon has been sentenced to four months in prison for contempt of Congress.

    I hope that, come 2025, the new GOP administration, and its accompanying solid GOP Congress, will make the Democrats rue this day.

    How many Democrats do we want answers from, about the excesses and malfeasances of their various little fiefdoms?

    Because with this prosecution of Bannon, the Democrats have demonstrated that the New Rule is, that if the president and Congress are of the same party, then any political opponent can be subpoenaed by Congress, for any reason, and jailed if they don’t show up.

    Alinsky works both ways, and the Democrats need to be forced to live under this New Rule of theirs, until they scream for mercy.

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