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Video | Biden tells Fetterman’s wife she is ‘going to be a great lady in the Senate’

But, her husband is running.

Maybe President Biden agrees that he will have trouble serving . . .

Nah, just another screwup.

5 thoughts on “Video | Biden tells Fetterman’s wife she is ‘going to be a great lady in the Senate’”

  1. One of the very, very few truthful statements to come out of Bite Me’s ice cream hole. Video I saw on Fox of this event had a large fly sitting on Fetterneck’s coconut. To bad Joey didn’t try to smack it.

  2. He most likely was trying to tell folks that Fetterman’s wife will be a good spouse of a senator. But in almost every off the cuff remark he makes, it comes out wrong, has the wrong sentiment, often sounding discombobulated.
    Then again, he could be channeling his own spouse and her influence on him in the WH
    One never knows with ole Joe; the Chief of Befuddlement.

  3. Oz versus Fetterman debate, I think tomorrow night. Oz needs to ask Fetterman complex questions and then, just go silent so everyone can see what has happened to Fetterman. I wish the man recovery from his ailment. But as a private citizen.

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