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Biden using the Strategic Petroleum Reserve as a campaign prop

The White House is claiming gas prices are going down. And yet, he wants to release more oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Three weeks before Election Day. Go figure.

2 thoughts on “Biden using the Strategic Petroleum Reserve as a campaign prop”

  1. Biden also set forth his agenda for reinstating Roe v Wade IF the Dems win both houses next month. He said he would bring up a new bill “next year”.

    Putting aside the delicate conversation about abortion ( which always was meant to be a state issue), IF this is so dire an issue, why did Biden not introduce legislation over the summer, or early fall? He’s got both houses, he could have lobbied and pushed it through.
    REASON: He thought it would fail.

    Smart Dems will ask this question and say hey man, you been in office 20 months, why did you not get on the stick and get it done?

    So now Biden is setting up the straw man again: Set up a false likelihood and get the base energized, even though you know the end result will not change.
    The only result The President wants is to hold onto power.
    As they say, that ship has sailed.
    At least we hope it has.

    11 08 2022 VOTE VOTE VOTE !!!!

  2. Obama tapped the oil reserve too as an idiotic political stunt. “Release the Kraken”… Give me a break. F’ing buffoons.

    Strategic oil reserve was not meant to be used to ‘hide’ the bad results (high gas prices) of poor administration policies as election day approaches.

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