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Kamala won’t go to the root to search for the root cause of illegal immigration

How do you figure out what the root causes of illegal immigration from Latin America are if you won’t go to Latin America.

This is a joke. They are not at all serious about stemming illegal immigration. Maybe if enough of the illegal immigrants land in Delaware things will change.

According to Fox News:

Vice President Kamala Harris has spent only three days in Central America during the two brief trips since she was assigned the mission of addressing the “root cause” of mass migration to the southern border.

Harris has taken two brief trips to Latin America in her nearly two years in office. Since her last visit in June, annual encounters at the border hit their highest total in American history at 2.1 million in August. If the trend continues at a similar pace, total encounters will surpass 3 million for 2022.

Harris waited six months to visit the southern border for the first time as vice president and has yet to return. She declared in an interview last month that “the border is secure.”

While spending almost no time going to investigate the causes herself, Haris has spoken about the issue in the U.S. and announced new undertakings

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