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Biden says helping with the cost of living is key reason he ran for president

President Biden is trying to foist his illusions and delusions on the rest of America.

Thursday, with the report that in September the rate of inflation remained stuck at more the 8 percent, Biden said he ran for president because he was concerned about the cost of living.

And yet, when he ran, there was no inflation.

So it only stands to reason that he ran for president because he thought the cost of living wasn’t high enough.

“Americans are squeezed by the cost of living. It’s been true for years, and folks don’t need a report to tell them they’re being squeezed,” Biden said. “Fighting this battle every day is a key reason why I ran for President of the United States.”

No, Mr. President. You didn’t inherit inflation from your predecessor. You inherited a good economy with inflation under control, peace in Europe, and the immigration crisis solved.

And now, it’s all screwed up.

2 thoughts on “Biden says helping with the cost of living is key reason he ran for president”

  1. I understand Biden is clueless on issues. We get it, he reads, he recites.
    But his team MUST know the truth and must comprehend the mess we are in.
    Or do they?


    1. Harv, I’m more concerned that the average American doesn’t get this. We (as a country and a culture) are in big trouble and need to educate people.

      I just hope that the upcoming election campaigns focus on real issues and not mudslinging and crap like “vote for me, I have great hair”. Americans are getting dumber by the minute I’m afraid. There’s no way we should tolerate these idiotic campaigns, nor the idiotic politicians we have been electing.

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