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Biden Schedule | Friday, September 30, 2022

9:00 am || Receives the President’s Daily Briefing
10:00 am || Attends the investiture ceremony for Associate Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson; Supreme Court
11:00 am || Delivers remarks on the ongoing federal response efforts for Hurricane Ian; Roosevelt Room
Noon ||Hosts a Rosh Hashanah reception; East Room
4:00 pm || Hosts a Hispanic Heritage Month reception; East Room

All times Eastern


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6 thoughts on “Biden Schedule | Friday, September 30, 2022”

  1. Absolutely! Good to hear from you, Keith.
    Biden’s schedule seems awfully heavy for a man with dementia. I wonder how many gaffes he’ll make today?

  2. Sending a message to all WHD fans… Vote… just vote, never assume your vote is meaningless, it is not. Our nation works best when we voice our concerns by voting, so please please remember to vote on 11/8/2022


    1. Never believe the polls that the Leftist/Biden media put out, EVERY vote is needed to get the illegitimate trash out of The WH. Thanks for the reminder, Harv.

  3. Biden goes to Florida, Makes nice nice with DeSantis, as he should.
    Then goes off on some lame comment on hot mic saying Never Eff with a Biden.
    Jeezaloo, the guy thinks he is a tough guy.
    Then his wife ushered him off the stage.

    He does not live in the real world, our world.\
    11/8/22 VOTE VOTE VOTE

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