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Department of Homeland Security plays nanny to its employees

Aren’t they supposed to be tracking down terrorists and defending to border? Maybe a little toughness is called for? But first, get your sleep and eat your vegetables!

According to Fox News.

The Department of Homeland Security, a huge agency charged with guarding the border, enforcing immigration laws, handling national emergencies and protecting air travelers, also finds time to serve as a life coach to its 240,000 employees.

The DHS website provides a constant stream of motherly lifestyle advice to its workers, much of which their actual mothers probably already told them. This week, DHS encouraged all workers to take care of their mental health and suggested that eating right and exercising might help.

“The food you eat has a direct effect on your energy levels and mood,” DHS said. “Choose whole foods that give your body steady energy from healthy sources of nutrition and help your mind feel good.”

The post recommended regular exercise to reduce stress, avoiding smoking and drinking, connecting with people for “emotional and social support,” and getting “plenty of sleep.”

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  1. This is a trend everywhere. All employers do this now. It doesn’t make it any less obnoxious. Just think about it….its someones job to write that stuff….and then its someones job to approve what is written.

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