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John Kerry wants Africa to meet his climate goals

Let’s hope they are suitable offended.

John Kerry traveled to Senegal to tell Africans they probably should not use natural gas because we need to start phasing it out by 2030.

Somebody tell him that Senegal is not Nantucket.

3 thoughts on “John Kerry wants Africa to meet his climate goals”

  1. Lurch stop being the Ugly American. Take your hypocritical riddled lies, tuck your tail, and go home to Sugar Momma Heinz. The sooner you go away, the better this world will be for everyone.

  2. This administration wants to alienate everyone- not just Americans.

    They must want Africa to fall deeper in china’s already dirty hands with this rhetoric!

  3. If Trump said this he would be branded….racist.

    John K is a bloated windbag with no pedigree, no intelligence, and he married into $ the same way his old man did. Pathetic, boorish, and never to be trusted.

    How do imbeciles like this rise to positions of influence? Oh wait, yeah, he is appointed by another imbecile.

    Amazing how is snobbish attitude is misconstrued for inherent intellect.


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