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Biden frightened to talk about his student debt write off

President Biden seems to have discovered that giving away half a trillion dollars — the cost of his student loan forgiveness — that future taxpayers will have to pay back to our lenders might be bad politics.

According to the Washington Times:

President Biden has barely mentioned his massive student loan forgiveness plan in speeches to friendly, Democratic audiences, sidestepping the controversial issue as the midterm election season heats up.

Following Mr. Biden‘s Aug. 24 announcement canceling up to $20,000 in student loans for individuals making less than $125,000, he‘s delivered 13 public remarks, including six speeches focused on his legislative accomplishments.

Yet Mr. Biden only mentioned his student debt relief plan only once. In an address Thursday to the 45th Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Gala, the president briefly brought it up, saying that nearly half of the Latino students with federal loans will see their debt totally forgiven.

4 thoughts on “Biden frightened to talk about his student debt write off”

  1. In other news, Bite Me also told the Latino gala attendees that at the rate Hispanics reproduce plus the incoming illegal aliens that ‘soon’ they would be the majority and the country would be theirs. It’s pretty obvious this guy is not on our side. He is owned and operated by China and the Mexican drug cartels.

  2. He should be frightened to talk about this latest destructive and corrupt program. Now when you borrow money, you don’t need to pay it back. What could be more destructive to free market capitalism than this?

    And what kind of message is this to the new generation. Government dependence is awesome! I can do whatever irresponsible idiotic things I want, and uncle Joe will cover the bill.

    We need to fire the entire federal government. Left, right, they have all lost touch. This government is completely running amok!

  3. This is not loan forgiveness
    It is a transfer of wealth.
    Those in debt get $ from those that are working.
    There is no pot of gold. There is OUR hard earned money.
    The Bidens, once again picking winners and losers.

    11 -8 2022 VOTE VOTE VOTE

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