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New record high of 8,000 migrants entering the US every day

Think of what a crowd of 8,000 looks like. They could fill Madison Square Garden every two and a half days.

When is Kamala Harris going to get to the root of this crisis?

According to the Washington Free Beacon:

Immigration authorities are reporting the highest-ever daily number of migrants entering the United States along the southwest border, according to internal Department of Homeland Security communications reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon.

Border Patrol officers are logging roughly 8,000 migrant encounters a day, the highest daily number in U.S. history, the communications show. Such a massive surge in migrants has left agencies such as Customs and Border Protection scrambling to implement new processing systems.

The record number of migrant encounters highlights the little progress the Biden administration has made in solving the border crisis. The news comes as the White House blamed former president Donald Trump for the crisis earlier this week, accusing the previous administration of leaving President Joe Biden with a “broken” immigration system.

3 thoughts on “New record high of 8,000 migrants entering the US every day”

  1. Dereliction of duty by Biden, Harris, and Mayorkas. One can only hope that the Republicans, assuming they retake the House and maybe the Senate, can hold these traitors accountable. I’m not betting my life on that happening.

  2. The humanitarian tragedy taking place on the southern border is all on Biden.
    He facilitated it.
    He promoted it.
    and now He ignores it.
    While 95% of the fentanyl entering our country slips across that same border.
    And hundreds of Americans die every day of it.
    How is this not the screaming headline every single day?

    11 08 2022: Do you humanitarian duty.

  3. How dare they blame President Trump for the absolute disaster they have made! Biden and his buddies destroyed the immigration system Trump made. They tore down the barriers and invited the illegals in. Biden should be impeached and he and the other traitors thrown in jail.

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