In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Behind Biden’s attack on MAGA Republicans is the fearsome power of the state

Just the kind of thing the Founders hoped to avoid. Government not only controlling citizens, but threatening them.

According to Daniel Henninger in the Wall Street Journal, who urges Americans to take the old blowhard Biden’s speech assailing more than half the Republican Party seriously:

Millions of quite-normal Americans, who wouldn’t be caught dead invading the U.S. Capitol, consider themselves MAGA Republicans, which in broad terms means they align to some degree with Donald Trump’s policies and opinions while he was president.

The president’s continued assaults on MAGA Republicans should be properly seen as an attempt both to marginalize the opposition and to intimidate it into submission and silence. The implicit threat in Mr. Biden’s thought-out aggression is that the legal and investigative powers of the state may be deployed against disfavored beliefs.

One of the most significant episodes in the use of state power to intimidate private citizens’ political behavior was the Internal Revenue Service’s investigation during Barack Obama’s first term of small tea-party groups, which organized around the goal of controlling federal spending. Some threat that was.

1 thought on “Behind Biden’s attack on MAGA Republicans is the fearsome power of the state”

  1. As the old adage goes, when you have no solid accomplishment to run on, demonize your opponent.

    The difference here, Biden is not just picking on his potential opponent, he is demonizing any voter who aligns with DJT. Very risky.
    Most law abiding voters who lean right understand the turmoil of 1/6 should never have happened. But that does not change their feelings about liberty and freedom of thought in our nation. That does not change feelings on border security, fentanyl deaths, law enforcement, and the economy.

    This action is a loser, but still not sure how that will eventually filter down on election day. I do know that most Republicans are insulted, many just pissed.

    Just as people voted against DJT in 2020, the same could happen with JB in 2024, assuming the old coot makes it.

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