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Biden has basically stopped doing sit down interviews and press conferences

Wasn’t this supposed to be the transparency administration or something? President Biden is hiding from the press. But Donald Trump, whom he claims is an autocrat, wore reporters out taking their questions.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre couldn’t care less.

2 thoughts on “Biden has basically stopped doing sit down interviews and press conferences”

  1. KJP is simply covering the arse of the boss. She knows it, we know it, the press knows it. And Biden has no clue of when his last presser was.

    Or maybe they just need to find more red klieg lights for the next presser, and they are back ordered


  2. *yawn*…
    I do not see the useless, weak, biased, gut-less “WH Press Corps” getting upset or worked up not having senile Biden doing ‘interviews’ or ‘press conferences’.

    The cowards of this so-called professional “WH Press Corps” still get paid for showing up everyday and listening to the lies & propaganda of this idiot liar Jean-Pierre :-|

    To Hell with Media!!

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