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Barack and Michelle Obama return to the White House to visit Joe and Jill

Well, they all reportedly hate each other. Maybe that’s a little strong, but there reportedly are tensions, jealousies, and so forth.

Anyway, Barack and Michelle came back for the official unveiling of their official portraits. That’s because Donald Trump didn’t bother with the ceremony. And no doubt, the Trumps won’t be invited by the Bidens for the unveiling of their portraits either.

Anyway, here they are.


Oh wait, that’s not them. This is them.

3 thoughts on “Barack and Michelle Obama return to the White House to visit Joe and Jill”

  1. Obamas upstage Bidens once again.
    Putting aside the art criticism, when did the WH start with portraits of both the President and First Lady? Interested to find out.

    In my opinion, I believe the Obamas don’t hate the Bidens, but see then as some old tyme throwback to politicians of the past, devoid of educational prowess and critical thinking. Unfortunately, even if true, it comes off as overtly boorish, condescending, narcissistic, and snobby.

    That’s why they settled into snobby locales, they think and act like the rest.

  2. Didn’t they already have portraits done…the one with Obama against a vivid leafy background, and Michelle in an odd printed dress against a plain background? I really despise the four of them, and I really don’t care what they think about each other, I hate what they’ve done to this country.

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