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Video | Media fall in love with Biden’s ‘hate’ speech

President Biden Thursday night heaped hate on a majority of the Republican Party, casting Trump supporters as evil insurrectionists who want to overthrow the government.

The media, who supposedly care about free speech, lauded this transparent effort by a president to silence his opposition in a speech delivered not as a candidate – but by the White House’s own account, as a president.

4 thoughts on “Video | Media fall in love with Biden’s ‘hate’ speech”

  1. If Biden ( big IF) wanted to be a man who unites , all he had to do was to point out the fringe elements on both sides..
    And that tells us all we need to know.

  2. If the “current regime” continues to not only ignore laws but break them, maybe the current regime does need to worry about a violent uprising. I can speak for myself and say that I am sick of the inequities going on here. Why should I pay taxes for this huge mechanism of federal government when they agonize over (i.e., $$) and pass laws that they can just choose to ignore? Then they make it worse by aiding illegal aliens by spending more tax money to bus and fly them all over the country?

    They do this at night so “nobody notices”, and inexplicably there is apparently no investigative journalism that is interested in exposing this.

    This is wrong and I am dragging my feet to pay my taxes because of this. Why should I pay taxes? The federal government has become a criminal entity, and the press is in cahoots with them.

  3. Cahoot is used almost exclusively in the phrase “in cahoots,” which means “in an alliance or partnership.” In most contexts, it describes the conspiring activity of people up to no good.

    thanks Beammeup for reminding us about cahoots… that is exactly what is happening.

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