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Democrats spending to help MAGA Republicans even as Biden says they’ll end democracy

Wait a second here. If MAGA Republicans are going to destroy the republic, why would Democrats risk electing them?

All over the country, Democrats have been seeking to help Trump supporters get GOP nominations because they think they can more easily defeat them. Did someone tell Joe? Seems pretty risky!

According to Fox News:

President Biden said Friday that Trump supporters are not a threat to the country, one day after giving a speech where he said “MAGA Republicans” dominating the Republican Party is a “threat to the country.”

President Biden’s divisive Thursday speech slamming “MAGA Republicans” was a sharp turn from the strategy being used by multiple arms of the Democratic Party to boost those very same Republicans by meddling in GOP primaries across the country.

Despite Biden’s recent rhetoric, multiple Democratic campaign groups have spent more than $46 million to boost candidates who support former President Donald Trump in several primary races, apparently aiming to force out more moderate Republicans and potentially make general election matchups more favorable for Democrats.

2 thoughts on “Democrats spending to help MAGA Republicans even as Biden says they’ll end democracy”

  1. They play to win while our side tries to have honest contests. There is absolutely nothing that the shameles & brazen, power hungry Dems won’t stoop to and if conservatives don’t work to get every (R) elected it will only get worse. See the big picture over the high road and defeat this scourge!

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