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Video | Biden roasted for speech casting political opponents as insurrectionists

President Biden Thursday night chose Independence Hall to label his political opponents, Donald Trump and his MAGA followers, as anti-Democratic insurrectionists filled with hate and contempt for the Constitution.

This just a week after he unilaterally spend about $1 trillion forgiving student loans by edict, without input from Congress, the branch that is supposed to be charged with spending our money and writing legislation.

And so he got this:


That was the actual background lighting they used, red and black. Here is what it looked like. Very unifying.

6 thoughts on “Video | Biden roasted for speech casting political opponents as insurrectionists”

  1. Der Fuehrer Shits in Pants has spoken, get in line with demorat ideology or Merrick ‘Rat Face’ Garland will have his FBI stormtroopers come for you. Treasury is gearing up for the audits and gun grabbing coming soon to your neighborhood. The imbecile has declared war on 75 million voters, do we answer his call? FJB

  2. I really, really hate to compare this, straight up, to Leni Riefenstahl, but I’m drawing a blank as to anything similar.

    Michael Radford’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four” wasn’t even that sinister. Jack Torrance, bar scene, “The Shining”? Well…

    I dunno, maybe there’s some Russell Mulcahy fever dream music video out there, which I haven’t seen, that out-creeps the long version of “The Wild Boys” by Duran Duran.

    Bottom line, if they were going for a dystopian autocratic horror vibe, then they can probably start drafting their acceptance speeches right now.

    Trouble is, they’ll be doing so right alongside their draft of Joe Biden’s resignation speech, because his impeachment by the House is pretty much a fait accompli, and there are too many Senate Democrats in red states who will be facing their voters in 2024.

    This horror movie of a speech was definitely an inflection point; whether it tilts the world toward a rebirth of freedom, or a descent to a new dark age, only Providence knows.

    1. With the rampant IGNORANCE of todays US population… I am leaning to a new dark age…and that picture of senile ‘devil red-light’ Biden is the perfect meme for the downfall of American politics & culture.

      As the great Mark Steyn says… America is no longer a serious nation.

      1. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

        Personally, I think fatalism, played straight, is unbecoming. If you really think the fight is already lost, then I would suggest, with all due respect, that it is yourself, and not the fight, which is lost.

        I stand by every word of that, every syllable, every letter, every jot and tittle, every pixel.

        Two months hence, this little dalliance with despotism will be rewarded with an “Oh, HELL no!” from sea to shining sea.

        Call me a pollyanna if you like, but I absolutely REFUSE to entertain such a low opinion of my Mitmenschen, kin, and countrymen.

        But what if there’s so much jiggery-pokery two months hence, that Congress goes the wrong way?

        Well, in that increasingly unlikely scenario, between Schlichter, Palahniuk, and Rand, we know what’s possible. The people the evil ones are after, are the same people they depend on; has it not always been so, down throughout human history? And if we would withdraw our material support from their privileged blue enclaves, they will know not, how to survive with naught but the works of their own hands.

        And I highly doubt they’d try to march on Montana, with an army consisting in the main of pronoun-obsessed sitzpinklers.

        In the end, we will win, and they will lose. For EVERYONE is conservative when it comes to their own lives and liberties; and in this age when the threats to the same by the evil ones, can blow back so swiftly and severely, as to necessitate a walkback the very next day, then it clearly is not over yet.

        Be strong and of good courage; it always seems the darkest before the light.

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