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Video | Obama’s top economic advisor says Biden student loan scheme unfair, inflationary

Jason Furman, who was the chairman of Barack Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors, says President Biden’s edict is even worse than expected.

4 thoughts on “Video | Obama’s top economic advisor says Biden student loan scheme unfair, inflationary”

  1. What I get from this is the Dems are split into pro and anti Biden groups. Biden is losing spport day after day. He is the most radical president we have ever had.

  2. Change the program so that after 10 years or whatever of payments… that the student can get relief through some means based process — Making $100K and $200/month loan payment is not subject to relief, for instance — where the loan is X% of income, etc… Then the charge off is paid for by the colleges that received the funds in the first place. And if the school can’t fund it… then it comes out of the tuition of the new incoming students.. who will get a portion of their $ going to pay off the loans of prior grads that could not get a job, etc. that matched the tuition…. Responsibility where it belongs… Any institution that has since gone under can have that cost spread to all schools in the country and every student can pay a portion of that as well…. in their tuition….Or spread it across the schools based on loanable funds…..and the school can determine if it is spread to all students or whatever…

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