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White House student loan debt dishonesty

This is just deceitful.

The White House is trying to claim that by ending a temporary benefit that delayed student loan payments, it is offsetting the inflationary effect of an entirely new program, canceling $10,000 of student debt.

That is, they are saying that by stopping something temporarily causing inflation that they were going to have to stop anyway, they are making up for the inflationary effect of a $300 billion new program.

In fact, they actually made inflation even worse by extending the loan deferment even further before it stops.

This is exactly like saying, “Hey, I know I started beating you in the butt, but at least I stopped beating you in the head. So it’s even, no problem.”

Please, do your inflationary liberal spending, but don’t take us for idiots.

9 thoughts on “White House student loan debt dishonesty”

  1. So, all you people who paid for your or your kids education, you now get the privilege of bailing out those who did not pay for it.
    And for all of you who never attended college and work in blue collar, respected professions, you get the big middle finger too.
    White students graduate 87% from 4 yr colleges
    Black students graduate 42% from 4 yrs colleges.
    I smell racism, white privilege in this scheme.

    1. Spot on Harv. We still have two months to go before the mid-terms, what other vote buying schemes are being considered by the Q-Tip? Hopefully the lawsuits that are coming to stop this idiocy will prevail.

    2. Harv, you are exactly correct. Where are the journalists who should be exposing this vote buying scheme? And since this does hit one racial group far more than others, where are the cries for racial equality?

  2. One argument is ppl didn’t know/understood what they were signing. Ppl smart enough to go to college and parents who have graduated college didn’t get what they were signing for? I signed my mortgage at 23, I want my $10,000 because I didn’t know what I was signing. That way I can go piss the money away on things that I don’t need.

    1. Good comment Dave. I recall dining in a rather nice place with my dad many years ago. The menu arrived, we scanned it. The well dressed waiter offered the daily “specials” without saying what each cost. My dad would stare at the waiter and say, well, run the numbers by me. I remember being embarrassed but now, when I think back, my pop was a hard working man, he valued his work, his money. He was right.
      So, for all these smart students who failed to say ” run the numbers by me”, you’re on your own. When the meal tab arrives, you agreed to it, you pay it. Not up to me to pay your dinner tab because you never thought about how much it really cost.

    1. Beamer, so true. We see a sense of entitlement in young adults and their offspring these days that is unrivaled. They all want to be included, catered to, and if that does not happen, they scream foul like babies. Remember the old expression, ” who died and made you king?” I once coached a kids rec basketball team, back in the mid 90s. Just your casual rec league with 3rd and 4th grade boys. It was fun, and the kids were great. We got the luck of the draw and ended up with the best hoopers, if you can call it that at a young age. We kept winning… a lot. I turned to the other coach and said, you know what we need to do? He say what? I said, lose. He was astonished. He was getting too into it. I said these kids need to learn that losing is part of life… if not, we fail them. He was stunned. But he got it. Eventually we did lose a game or two. I don’t even recall. Maybe we instilled a bit of humility and respect in the kids… I hope so.

  3. A few weeks ago… my daughter… about 3/4th done with college — self funded mostly– by her and to be fair about $12000 in Pell Grant– there was a time where I was between jobs and she qualified… so a few weeks ago — she calls me and says tuition is gonna be tough — gonna have to take out loans. I said – don’t do it – I’ll help you out in the short term if needed and you can extend your time by a semester so you don’t have to $ so much each term – She opted to extend out to avoid the student loans — I told her that you’ll like telling that story for the rest of your life rather than the student loan story… Anyway.. guess she should have taken the loans…

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