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Video | Pelosi said Biden does not have the power for forgive student yea

Is she going to sue President Biden to prevent this?

“That’s not even a discussion,” she said, arguing that it would take an act of Congress.

Biden Wednesday said he would forgive $10,000 in student debt for individuals making less than $125,000 per year, and $20,000 for those with Pell Grants.

Perhaps they’ll call this “The Inflation Production Act.”

8 thoughts on “Video | Pelosi said Biden does not have the power for forgive student yea”

  1. Now I feel stupid for saving up for my kids’ college – but at least my friends who don’t have college degrees can help us pay for the new MBAs.

    1. Celtic Queen… it’s not a problem. Money is coming from same piggy bank that is funding the “Inflation Act!”

      You know the piggy bank in the lockbox that’s funding Social Security.

  2. Hoping that a lawsuit and an injunction is slapped on this BS fast. BiteMe has no authority to waive or reduce federally backed student loan debt, only Congress.

  3. This is horribly unfair in many ways. Taking out a loan is a voluntary action. To transfer this debt to those who either never took a college loan or paid theirs off is just wrong, probably illegal. It’s fundamentally as immoral as theft and also robs the debtor of dignity. Sad.

  4. An excutive order is for a president to explain to federal empolyees on how to apply the law. It is not for make law. This is the a job for Comgress. If had I had a loan and paid it off I’d be mad an an old wet hen. This loan program should be re examined and mostly done away with. I want my a c fix by someone with the skills to do it no a college degree holder in a subjuect not good for anything.

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